What is BlueSS

BlueSS is a Symbian application that allows a Nokia phone to become a wireless terminal of a Skype PC client.

BlueSS has two main components:

  • BlueSS client (BlueSS): A Symbian application developed for a Nokia 6630 phone with Symbian OS. v8.0a (S60 2nd edition, feature pack 2).
  • BlueSS server: A Microsoft Windows application developed in C++ (a Linux version is planned).

BlueSS typical usage
Typical usage

BlueSS Server

The server is a bridge between Skype and Bluetooth. It controls Skype with the Skype API. The Virtual Audio Cable device driver is necessary to carry audio between Skype and the BlueSS server (outgoing audio from Skype to BlueSS and incoming audio from BlueSS to Skype).

There are different Bluetooth stacks for Windows XP (Widcomm Bluetooth Stack, IVT BlueSoleil and Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth support,. . . ). We employed the Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth support (althought the port to another stack is easy).

When the server runs:

  • It reads its configuration from a file. If it is the first execution it asks the user for his preferences.
  • It launches a thread waiting for incoming connections to the control channel. It is a virtual COM port over Bluetooth.
  • It connects to Skype through the Skype API (it launches Skype in case it is not already running).
  • It pays attention to any BlueSS client request and to any Skype event.
    • Change of contact status: send new status to the phone client.
    • Change of the call status: send notification to the client.
  • It waits for an audio connection from the phone, and forwards the stream to/from Skype.

The server waits for requests from the phone. In case of a Skype event, the server forwards it to the phone (which can issue a new request to the server to process such event).

BlueSS Client

The client has been developed for a Nokia 6630, a cell phone with Symbian 8.0a (S60 2nd edition, FP2). Symbian is a software consortium of cell phone manufacturers. For example, the current Nokia smartphones run Symbian OS, so BlueSS should work in any S60 device with the same or superior characteristics.

BlueSS is a C++ code, so it is easy to port it to other platforms like Windows Mobile-based smartphones.

When the user executes the application, it:

  • looks for surrounding Bluetooth devices, and asks the user to select the one executing the server.
  • connects to the server and requests the on-line Skype contacts.
  • waits for incoming calls and user requests (make a call, cancel an incoming call, exit, etc.).

The public 6630 API does not allow full-duplex audio operation. To avoid this problem BlueSS operates in a half-duplex mode (Push-to-Talk or walkie talkie mode). The "1" key has to be pressed to talk and released to listen